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Cyberist® – A qualified practitioner of information technology using patented approach to reduce complexity and avoid risk. Safeguard your business from data breach while attracting new customers.


Top Issues

Limited technology expertise and constantly changing market are driving up costs.

Key Questions

Make the right IT strategy and spending decisions.

Proven Solution

Exclusive expertise reduces technology costs for a fraction of alternatives.

Cyberist Features

Large organizations have a CIO (Chief Information Officer) to manage technology operations and help top management make the right IT strategy and spending decisions. Mid-sized companies have the same problems to address and the same CIO needs. Starting at $2,479 per month.

  • Exam: Analysis of the top 10 technology categories that affect business. Knowledge transfer of key areas and tools and techniques to analyze. Concise and plain English summary for management and specific bullet items by application/device for system administrators.
  • System Plan: Critical information, system overview, network configuration, line of business application configuration, and security settings are documented.
  • Technology Forecast: Long-term plan for your organization allowing you to appropriately and confidently create an IT budget that works, with a Return On Investment analysis that helps make clear the benefits of a technology solution or product renewal.
  • Quarterly CIO Review: Planned around your schedule, we will meet with you and other pertinent staff members on a quarterly basis to review progress made, remaining hurdles, the introduction of new technologies in the industry, and any other new requirements that you may have.
  • IT Information Service: Feel free to contact your Cyberist with unlimited general questions or concerns. We want to be considered as part of your team and vice versa.
  • Discounted Projects: Cyberist clients enjoy a 20% savings on projects.


  • Reciprocal Non-Disclousre
  • Exclusive Qualifications
  • FBI Background Check
  • Delta® Methodology
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Sales / Operations / IT
  • Flat cost / Outcome Based